Leading Experts in Chatbot development and integration for enterprise.

At Botescope we create the highest performing Chatbots to enhance interactions with customers and truly impact workflow automation, resulting in increased revenues and reduced costs for enterprises.

support Branded innovative user experience

Bring your customers into engaging contextual conversations with high level of complexity. Use your own chat interface with your own voices.

support Increased revenue with market insight

Build new business and lead generation with prospective customers. Improve customers confidencce. Understand key data metrics from dialogues.

support Control your data

End to end software stack, chat interface, bot engine, NLU engine, and data analysis. No third party involved.

Our Solutions

We can fully host the solution on your behalf or we can deliver the solution in house.

Digital signage


Welcome to the next generation of digital signage experience: individualized interactive experience.

Enterprise Package


Every enterprise can now take benefits of a revolution in user interactions.

The immediate future for Digital Signage

We have created a pioneering, subscription based, chatbot system designed specifically to work with Digital Signage software solutions, ready to roll out in minutes.

Signage Bots

Enable chatbot, via an on-screen QR code, from any connected device using the device keyboard or built in Mic to communicate with the Chatbot.

This system is secure and can be customised to communicate information about your business/ brand, in store offers, product availability, indoor locations, and many more potential options.


Alexa for Signage

Easy to deploy interactive interface for digital signage solutions based on Alexa for Enterprise. Take benefits of our own catalog of Alexa skills.

We can provide key data metrics extracted from dialogue and interactions with customers.


Enterprise Package

At Botescope we build next-generation Enterprise Chatbots to Automate & Enhance: business operations, time consuming processes, customer facing services.

Botescope engage in an effective process to ensure that we deliver a quality, pragmatic solution to meet your needs, and expectations.

Needs Analysis and Scope of enterprise’ infrastructure (Determine hosting needs)

Development of detailed analysis into customer needs and desired functionality for a tailored conversational AI system including hosting preference and integration with existing infrastructure.

Design Spec & Proposal

A proposal with details of the required Chatbot functionality, hosting architecture and desired design is created. A future plan containing details of training, chatbot evolution, cooperation, support and SLA will be included. Associated costs will be clearly identified based on desired requirements.

Creation and Engineering of UI design and coordination with Enterprise IT

The desired brand-based User Interface is agreed upon and created before coordination with the client’s IT team to establish access for implementation and configuration.

Deployment, Implementation & testing

The User interface is developed and tested, on the desired hosting channel, to exchange the relevant information securely from the client’s data.

Training and Handover

Our client’s will be trained and instructed on the functionality and capabilities of the tested system prior to sign-off .

Annual, quarterly Monitoring, development & evolution strategy

A continuous monitoring and evolution plan is set in motion to improve the Chatbot’s capabilities and functionality over time as new and common interactions take place with our client’s new and existing customers. Enhancing AI.


A Service Level Agreement will be outlined for each of our clients highlighting an ongoing support strategy and incorporating the above monitoring and evolution strategies.

Open-source technology

We have decided to contribute to the open-source software community by including our own chat bot engine which will be available soon.

Fully-Customisable & beautifully engaging

We have made our own white label Web chat interface so that we can add any graphical component we want whenever it's needed. That allows us to trully combine and customize HTML, Text and speech interfaces the way we want.

Multi Chatbot Platforms Compatible

If you don't mind having third parties involved you can take benefits of our connectors to most of messaging applications, including Alexa, Facebook, Slack and Line. More is to come.

Multi-Lingual text & voice-based

One Bot – All Languages. We have tried to shorten localization of chat bots. Build one language and automatically generate new languagues.

Deployable in minutes

We rely on serverless architectures that allow to deploy chat bots in minutes while having limitless scalability with cost under control.

World Wide Secure Hosting – Amazon AWS

We provide you with a ready to deploy open-source solution. Deployment, management and monitoring tools for Amazon AWS are included.

End-to-End secure

End to end software stack between the end-user and your services. No third party in between. From the chat interface, bot and NLU engines, everything can be in house.

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